Imagine. Believe. Create.

This is the creative process through which all visionaries: inventors, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and creators of this world; must pass. It’s so simple, yet only the top manage to complete.

THE PROCESS: In order for something amazing to be created in this world, it must first exist in someone’s mind in the form of an idea. Ideas in and of themselves are cheap and worthless. They’re no better than fairy tales…

Unless they are coupled with unwavering faith. The kind that moves mountains. Because that’s the kind of miracle it takes to bring something amazing to existence.

Of course, that faith can’t possibly exist without the initial spark of belief. Fear or even sheer terror, ALWAYS immediately follow an amazing idea. Most people fall victim to this initial fear, and therefore never try anything that would actually be game-changing. Those that do manage to overcome the initial fear, quickly realize that the fear is not unfounded by any means. The longer they choose to stay, the more they realize that they’re fighting an uphill battle.

At this point, sooner or later, they almost always tuck tail and run. However, the few that are able to make it past this point, almost always get hit with more and much bigger problems. Those few that remain on their “path to destruction” (Or so people tend to tell them) get the biggest awakening. They realize that they have to be mentally insane in order to possibly have a shot at fulfilling their dream. Because only a crazy person would be willing to continue at this point, knowing that they’re gambling it all on a slim glimmer of hope.

THE POINT OF NO RETURN: They come to the realization, that they must give EVERYTHING up. Time, money, friends, family, happiness, health, memories, and potentially even their very lives, just to have a shot at making it.

THE GREATS: Needless to say only the fanatical, crazies actually make the decision to pay such a high price. The challenges they face are almost beyond human. However, they’re also not the same person that initially chose to follow this path. They are bestowed with the most powerful weapon, that goes beyond human levels. Of course, the weapon I’m referring to is known as “Unwavering faith”. This is the realm of the greats. They wield this weapon with unmatched power, the power necessary to bring to pass the third and final step in the process. Creation! They have forever changed the world, and as such, the world in gratitude showers them with highest gifts and rewards.

THE BIRTH OF IMAGINE TECH: We were sitting at a tiny Starbucks table. 3 noob coding boot camp grads. Trying to figure out what to do with our lives. When the idea hit us. “Matt, you’re going to be the CTO”, “Reid, you’re going to be the COO”. “Let’s build this!”.

I had gathered the experience of all my previous businesses, in order to bring to pass, a business that would help other visionaries get through their own 3 step process. Panic immediately struck my heart. I really wanted to quit. I knew the kind of sheer effort it would take to raise a business of such magnitude. I was also aware of the statistics. If I’m not mistaken it’s something along the lines of 9 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 5 years. Out of those remaining; 9 out of 10 fail in the next 5 years. I’m not a math wizard, but those don’t sound like very good odds to me…

THE JOURNEY: Almost 1 year has passed since that fateful day. We went from 3 to over 20 specialists. We’ve had some of our closest allies leave, and other now closest allies join us. We’ve gone through issues, struggles, heartaches, and countless sleepless nights, and yet we’re barely launching. We’ve also had many silent victories. We’ve managed to establish some great processes, powerful connections, have built some awesome projects, and have had some great clients already, even before launching. But above all, Imagine Tech has now reached the point of no return, and I couldn’t be prouder. Yes, call it self promoting, or bragging, or all of the above, but do not miss the point. You have your own point of no return waiting for you somewhere out there. If you haven’t found it, seek it, unceasingly. If you have, reach it. Complete your own 3 step process, and bring something amazing for us all to share!

TO BE CONTINUED: I guess we’re live testing our 3 step process. It is only the beginning, and this is a fairy tale that I do not know the ending to, but I’ll be happy to share my reports with you…



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